Through the span of the previous year, I firmly helped a partner recorded as a hard copy a progression of ten articles covering various parts of my antiquated space traveller hypothesis. Every one of the tens of those articles flowed generally around the world and view counters on numerous locales showed ample readership, yet input to me, or to her, from anyplace, was non-existent. There was neither analysis nor praise from anybody. Simply quiet. I was beginning to feel that maybe nobody in the world needs to pay attention to old space travellers. Edo Burstyn

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Edo Burstyn traveling adventures.While trying to gain some ground, I chose to pay sixty dollars for an audit of my antiquated space explorer site. Obviously, this was to be an audit by cynics; a survey by New Age devotees would be useless. Their blog’s portrayal was “basic surveys of paranormal cases on the Internet.” The delegate conceded them five days to play out their audit yet that has since a long time ago come and gone, and not a word from them. My site shows a huge measure of proof and, in truth, I couldn’t anticipate that anybody should deliver a decent basic audit in only five days. Nobody, including myself, would need to see immediately arranged and unimportant contentions, else I would make them look crazy in my counter contentions. In addition, a portion of my proof originates from Spanish-language sources and, to begin, they would need time to check that none of it is a scam. They are welcome to constantly they need.

What’s in store from this blog is dubious. There are doubters who are as intolerant in their suspecting as their New Age partners, and afterward, once more, there are cynics, similar to me, who unbiasedly assess the proof to land at reality. Was there a genuine old space explorer? To enable the doubters to respond to that question, I will give them a few thoughts on the most proficient method to invalidate my speculations. Here, exclusively for space contemplations, I will focus on the archeological proof, leaving aside thoughts on the most proficient method to disprove the cryptology and religious philosophy proof for one more day.

My site repeats etchings from the Tiwanaku human progress in Bolivia. One of those etchings delineates the supposed antiquated space explorer as a sea-going with a three-pronged tail, with every one of the three prongs finishing in a case. How do the doubters invalidate that? Simple. They basically need to exhibit that the state of those cases looks like some type of creature or vegetation to be found in that locale. At the end of the day, they have to locate an earthly hotspot for those etchings, generally, my extraterrestrial contentions stay safe.

The planning of the Tiwanaku sky-god drawings matches with the planning of the Nazca Lines in Peru, so the old space explorer of the two spots must be one and the equivalent. For Nazca, the doubters will discover many instant contentions, however, I consider every one of the feeble. The attitude of the individuals of Nazca can’t be thought to be one of a kind in mankind’s history. It must be exhibited that individuals somewhere else likewise accepted that the sun, moon, or sky-spirits had physical eyes that could watch ground drawings. On the other hand, it must be exhibited that the individuals of Nazca adored winged animals, trusting them to have intellectual insight.

The recorded inscriptions on the cosmological Sun Disk, asserted outsider antique, may demonstrate to be the greatest test for the cynics. How are we to accept that the Andeans of the mid-sixteenth century a) realized that the Earth was round, b) realized that it was conceivable to circle the Earth, c) realized that daylight striking the moon could reflect back to strike a spaceship, d) realized that the foreboding shadows along the Milky Way contained stars inside and e) realized that water shaped the premise of plant and creature development? Here the cynics would need to discover parallels throughout the entire existence of western progress. I anticipate their reaction.